Web Archiving For Litigation Protection, Regulatory Compliance & eDiscovery

Reed Technology’s Web Archiving Service is a litigation protection, web compliance and e-discovery solution for all your online assets.

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Why does your organization need web archiving?

Corporate & Professional

Maintain records of your organization’s and employees’ online communication, including company websites, wikis, blogs, and social networking. More...

Government Web Records Retention

Automatically archive websites on a custom schedule to ensure compliance with federal and local records management policies. More...

Law Firms

Keep regular or on-demand archives of websites to produce for e-discovery, or create pro-active archives of important web evidence. More...

Web Archiving White Paper

Web Archiving White Paper Business and government websites change everyday. Web archiving captures these changes, creating a fully searchable repository of a website's history.

Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Archiving Your Email and Other Electronic Content discusses how Web archiving can reduce costs of operating your business.

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